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Epic Dark Fantasy Sword and Sorcery
Action Adventure Series
dragons, fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast, legends, dragon riders, wizards, magic, castles, fables, knights, roses, sword and sorcery, dungeons and dragons, unicorns

Science Fiction Action Adventure
Mystery Thriller Series
killer androids, murder mystery, legal assassins, bounty hunters, corporate rule, conspiracy, coming apocalypse, corporate military, dystopia adventure, Corporate Senate, enviromental devastation, transgenics, dystopian civilization, endless night, utopia gone wrong, corporate espionage, distruction of the sun, Life Closers, Un-Men, Closing of Days, Assassins Guild

Illustrated Fantasy and Science Fiction Mystery Thriller suspense. Free on Kindle Unlimited and to borrow from Kindle Owners' Lending Library ( KOLL ).
samurai, ronin, gumshore, parallel worlds, mystery and suspense, fantasy action adventure, parallel universe, dungeons and dragons, sword and sorcery, alternate reality, ninjas, private eye,

Science Fiction Action Adventure
Horror Thriller Series
vampires, werewolves, classic monsters, the mummy, swamp creature, dragons, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, deadly game show, creature from black lagoon, death dealers, ghosts, big foot, specters, stasis chamber, phantoms, mad scientist, wraiths, experimentation, spirits, monster hunters, apparitions, yeti, Abraham Van Helsing, vampire hunter, spooks, Hanta, sasquatches, vampire slayer, skunk ape, hauntings, werewolf hunter, Survivor like game show,

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